About Us

KBG TRADE GLOBAL was initiated in 2018 to be a marketing & distribution company in Malaysia specialising in the import-export, sourcing, and sales of products for its clientele. KBG TRADE GLOBAL mainly focuses its efforts on small to mid-size enterprises (SME) from a broad range of industries. We have always recognised that marketing & distribution is fundamental to a company’s sales. Relationships with the manufacturer, retailer and consumer, existing or new, is at the forefront of our priorities.


Sales & Merchandising

Utilising a multitude of merchandising strategies to boost sales performance.

Branding & Consulting

Our experienced team uses data-backed approaches to establish a presence around our client’s brands.


Receiving, Processing and Delivering orders on behalf of our clients with the shortest turnaround time possible.


Our cloud-based inventory management system enables clients to audit and update inventory in real-time.


We work closely with our clients to identify their needs in order to import products of the highest quality.

Product Sourcing

Domestic and international product sourcing from manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.

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